I’m addressing you, not b/c I overlook your parents, but b/c future of your country will be in your hands @myLetter4u

I am addressing you b/c the future of your country will be in your hands. #Letter4U Full Text: http://farsi.khamenei.ir/ndata/news/28731/index.html#en …

Leader’s Question: Have you ever received the message of #Islam from any sources other than the media? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QzcLqxkV40&list=PLP9XKFcmDYv6EBg7C1E2Mkuw8NOEefW_m … #Letter4U

Ayatollah Khamenei attended the memorial ceremony for President Rouhani’s mother held this morning pic.twitter.com/0vJbprugVG

Senior #US official says #Iran talks in Lausanne could go into Wednesday „if useful“

Mother of 2 in Tehran: we’re really hoping to hear good news #IranTalks, deal won’t solve all our problems but will lead to better economy.

فكر مي كنيد توافق هسته اي احتمالي ميان ايران و قدرت هاي بزرگ جهان بر زندگي شما چه تاثيري خواهد گذاشت؟

WH Spox said last week President Obama is receiving daily updates on #IranTalks, wondering how often #Iran SL Khamenei gets updates.

Deadline day for #IranTalks, so many Iranians hoping for an agreement that will lead to the lifting of sanctions, better ties w/ the world.

As U.S. and #Iran Seek Nuclear Deal, #Saudi Arabia Makes Its Own Moves #IranTalks http://nyti.ms/1FbyDab 

Clearly Kayhan’s hard-line editor Sharitmadari is preparing the ground for criticism of a potential #IranDeal. #IranTalks

Hard-line editor Shariatmadari claims in emerging #IranDeal red lines set by Khamenei have not been respected. #IranTalks 2/2

Hard-line editor of influential „Kayhan“ criticizes potential #Irandeal while saying his info is based on unofficial news. #iranTalks 1/2

Nuclear talks with Iran intensify close to preliminary deadline http://bit.ly/1Dge4vD 

Journalist Who Backed Rohani Flees Iran — new piece by @GEsfandiari http://bit.ly/1BsfPyK 

In negotiations, both sides must show flexibility.We have, and are ready to make a good deal for all.We await our counterparts‘ readiness.

WH Press Secretary: We’ve been negotiating for more than a year,if #Iran is serious we’ll reach an agreement by end of the month. #IranTalks

Qods force commander Qassem Soleimani sitting next to #Iran leader Khamenei at March 27 mourning ceremony in Tehran

#Irantalks mantra RT @richtpau Nexis search shows Iran talks negotiators have used phrase „making progress, gaps remain“ 365,478 times.

What does the future hold for Internet regulation in #Iran? More fights over banning mobile apps: http://smallmedia.org.uk/sites/default/files/u8/IIIP_Feb15.pdf …

the #UN Human Rights Council creates a new post of special rapporteur for privacy. here’s the res: http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/HRC/28/L.27 …

Serious #UNSC debate on protection of ethnic & religious minorities in #MiddleEast. SG announces panel of wise to recommend action plan.

#Khamenei’s 1394 Nowruz Speech in #Mashhad: Preparing #Iranians for a nuclear agreement? – http://www.iranpolitik.com/2015/03/25/analysis/3542/ …

Defining and describing the population of #ISIS supporters on Twitter http://brook.gs/1D3DxZ6 

Why #Saudis are ardent social media fans http://econ.st/1bk0f2M 

Iran and Shia militias: The Shia crescendo http://econ.st/1IymlJW  via @TheEconomist

در اخبار خبرگزاریهای ایران درباره فوت همسر آیت الله جنتی نه اسم این خانم آمده و نه عکسی ازش چاپ شده.

#Iran media report on death of the wife of Guardian Council ’s chairman Ahmad Jannati without mentioning her name or posting her photo.

Flowers at soccer match for 2 Iranian journalists killed in #GermanWingsCrash http://www.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=13940106000734 …

NSC’s Meehan: ‚I can confirm that a letter from President Rouhani to President Obama was passed to the U.S. negotiating team in Lausanne.“

Iran: UN should renew Special Rapporteur mandate http://www.freedomfromtorture.org/news-blogs/8337 

I am quoted in NYT on why Amanda Knox case is so divisive. „Italy’s Highest Court Set to Rule in Amanda Knox Case“http://nyti.ms/1DVUTHg 

Symposium: The Changing Role of Scholarship in International Law http://goo.gl/fb/Z5wMlP

White House Spox: if a nuclear deal is reached ,US is going to seek very tangible commitments from Iranians. #IranTalks #Iran

Interview with @GEsfandiari, English-Language Journalism’s ‘Bridge’ to #Iran http://bit.ly/1Gfbi9k 

US delegation to Iran talks adds experts on UN, sanctions and law, signaling interest in finding compromise on UN sanctions issue.


Photos of Leader’s speech at #ImamReza Shrine on the First day of the Iranian New Year.#Nowruz http://farsi.khamenei.ir/photo-print?id=29225 … pic.twitter.com/huelUIpU4i

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit to protect US secrets on Iran http://bit.ly/1NbnAPY 

Don’t let senior US officials get away w #torture. Join @HRW campaign & demand justice: http://trib.al/OZmVvQ0  #HRC28

#US sanctions are ineffective. Threatening to sanction or military action won’t scare #Iran-ians.God backs Iranian nation’s resistance.

They falsely claim to support ppl of #Iran while via economy they seek to deprive Iranian nation of security which is unique in West Asia.

We reject US fraudulent offer of reaching a deal w #Iran first then lifting sanctions. Lifting sanctions is a part of deal not its outcome.

#Iran seeks peace& empowerment of nations.US seeks regional instability& dismantlement of Islamic awakening by arming terrorist groups.#ISIS

Talks with #US are only on the nuclear issue & nothing else. We don’t talk over regional issues as their goal is opposite to ours. #ISIS

#US should know that ppl of #Iran wouldn’t submit to bullying &negotiators follow the nation in disallowing anyone to bully them.

I say it clearly that there’s no one in #Iran who wouldn’t favor a solution to the nuclear issue; but Iranians don’t accept #US bullying.

Unfortunately Obama’s #NowruzMessage had dishonest points.He said there r ppl in #Iran who disagree w a diplomatic solution to nuclear issue

#Sanctions are enemy’s only means for putting pressure on ppl.Prudence will nullify sanctions showing that we have to rely on ourselves.

Our ppl should use #IranianProducts & promote domestic manufacturing. Avoiding wastefulness determines the destiny of national economy.

#Iran prefers to stand on its own. When they don’t allow you to water your farms fr outside u must dig wells to avoid relying on abject ppl.

#Obama says in his #Nowruz message:submit to what we dictate so that your economic activity boosts! This is an arrogant viewpoint.#Irantalks

#US is the main factor in imposing pressures & they insist on targeting the #economy of our nation in order to make ppl oppose the govt.

It’s been several years that I’m talking about #economy; a few years ago I predicted that enemies will focus on economy.

I have already said that I support all Iranian administrations but I would not give signed blank check to anyone.

Necessity to support government isn’t only for this administration.Governments’ main concern is to solve ppl’s problems.#Harmony #Unanimity

All should demonstrate consensus & help the govt.; especially when the country is facing important issues & significant challenges.

Prayer, Zakat, enjoining good and forbidding the evil are 4 individual & social obligations forming the basis for the Islamic community.

Our #Nowruz isn’t the #AncientNowruz. It’s the #IranianNowruz. So, Nowruz celebrations doesn’t go against the respect for Hazrat Fatima.

#AncientNowruz was a festival to show off the monarchy to other nations. Today, #Nowruz is an event for more cordial relations among ppl.

Smart Muslim Iranians adopted ancient celebration of #Nowruz based on their practice&belief;they kept the appearance but changed the content

Get updates on Leader of Revolution’s speech at #ImamReza Shrine from this account in a few mins. Live coverage at http://presstv.ir/Default/Live