Dr. Vinod Verma

Dr. V. Verma

Founder and Director


The New Way Health Organization .NOW

A private session, which lasts for 90 minutes, is meant to lead you to analyze your entire life in terms of your physical and mental activities. It is meant to show you a way for changing your life for the better, and for improving yourself at physical and mental levels. It is meant to teach you to improve your quality of life, enhance your energy at physical, mental and sexual levels. You will be guided to lead a fuller and enriched life. However, be ready to make an effort for all this.

We will show you the way, but you must walk yourself. A private session is meant to make you self-reliant and independent to handle your minor physical and mental problems. Get out of a pothole and learn to enjoy each moment of your life.

If you are ready, contact us !

Our private sessions are based upon the age-old holistic wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. The six dimensions of your being (three each of the body and mind) mutually influence each other and burden of your past makes a cover of darkness on your eternal source of energy.

With the traditional methods, we teach you how to get rid of the darkness that makes you physically and mentally unhealthy by causing other blockades in your life.

Once these blockades are removed, you feel better and healthier and look beautiful, just like the light from the sun radiates after the wind takes away the cover of dark clouds.

We also offer sessions for short time like for half an hour. These are meant to solve your specific and chronic problems.

WHERE? > Private Sessions are offered at every place. Please contact seminar organizers or Dr. Verma by email ayurvedavv@yahoo.com for appointments.