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Happening now- British Parliamentary debate on Rohingya Crisis, watch here

Friends of Syria: Action Needed at Brussels Conference

Education also offers a way to increase resettlement.

Donors should expand university scholarship programs that allow Syrian refugees to move on from neighboring host countries. They should also work with educational institutions and the private sector to greatly increase safe and legal pathways for refugees through education visas and trainee and learning positions.


In the email please include:

    1. Name of the Family Member
    2. Birthday of the Family Member
    3. City of residence
    4. Date of detention/disappearance (if known)
    5. Circumstances of detention/disappearance (if known)
    6. Whether or not you would like this information to remain confidential


@ECCHRBerlin 10 years anniversary

IFC’s claimed immunity is fundamentally at odds with its anti-poverty mission

The IFC’s stated “mission is to fight poverty,” while doing “no harm” to people or the environment. The IFC developed its Sustainability Framework, which dictates the conditions of IFC involvement in projects and the obligations of both the borrower and of the IFC, to ensure that these projects promote positive development objectives while protecting local communities and the environment.

The Tata Mundra power plant project was supposed to provide affordable energy and improve the quality of life and standard of living of Gujarat’s poor. But the project has been, and remains, a failure. The project has failed to comply with the IFC’s Performance Standards and the other environmental and social conditions of the loan agreement, and it has pushed many of the surrounding communities further into poverty, made them sick, destroyed their means of supporting their families, and made their environment dirtier and more dangerous. It has also been a financial disaster, operating at a loss for its entire existence (the company announced last year it was trying to offload a majority of its shares for 1 rupee – less than 2 cents) and the company has sought to pass these costs off to consumers.

Not everything can go private

There’s a strong debate on the role of for-profit companies in some areas, particularly public services like education and health.

Kenyan civil society has raised serious concerns over the IFC’s role supporting Bridge International Academies, a chain of private schools with a troubling record. They’re not alone. Research into other for-profit school providersbacked by the IFC shows these schools don’t work for the poorest communities.

In the health sector, Oxfam found that the IFC’s billion-dollar “Health in Africa” initiative mostly went to expensive, high-end urban hospitals. This is even more troubling given that poor and rural communities are disproportionately made up of women and girls.

The Bank says it will expand the “cascade” approach to health and education, but we’re doubtful this will help increase access, equity and quality for such services. Instead of approaching this with a “private-first” ideology, the Bank should lay out the criteria for when it actually makes sense for the private sector to be involved.

How to raise the funds needed

So if the private sector isn’t appropriate for everything, where do resources come from, particularly for investments in human capital?

We’d like to see the Bank place even more emphasis on “domestic resource mobilization,” development-speak for how countries collect tax and other government revenue.

Myanmar says ICC lacks jurisdiction to probe Rohingya crisis

Myanmar has expressed „serious concern“ over an attempt at the International Criminal Court to open a probe into mass deportations of Rohingya Muslims, dismissing the claims and saying the court has no jurisdiction.

To conclude, the UK’s humanitarian intervention argument is so bad even on its own terms that it is clear why the US and France chose to stay silent – no legal argument is in their view a better option than a palpably bad one. And every legal argument that could be put forward here is a palpably bad one – morally right or wrong, wise or stupid, the strikes are simply, unconditionally, unambiguously illegal.

Getting ready for 10 years @ECCHRBerlin

Debate: Myanmar’s Rohingya minority – News from Parliament

Etappen einer Flucht: Tagebuch einer Dolmetscherin

Weitergabe von ELGA-Daten: Österreichische Ärztekammer warnt vor Missbrauch. Präsident Thomas Szekeres: „Nicht Patientendaten auf den Markt werfen. Das System ELGA soll endlich funktionieren, damit Mediziner damit arbeiten können

In My Opinion Seeing the Big Picture

The Torah records for us that Aaron remained silent. Jewish tradition holds that this type of reaction to tragedy is a correct and worthy one.

The priest who was involved in the diagnosis and healing process for this plague is not seen or described as a medical expert.

The state of Israel is currently celebrating the 70th anniversary of its founding.
By seeing the whole picture, even the disturbing details that we had to endure become only milestones in the great progress of the history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

A few months ago, I was able to purchase an excellent device that is manufactured in Holland that enables me to read and study with comparative ease even though I cannot see or read the text with my naked eye.
This machine is essentially a closed circuit, TV camera that possesses within it great powers of magnification. By placing it over the book or item that I wish to read it gives me the ability to magnify that text to an almost unlimited extent, making it readable and accessible. Since it is operated through electrical energy it is of no use to me on Shabbat and holidays but overall it has been a great boon to my eyesight and to my spirits.

The greatest comfort one can bring to another human being many times is merely one’s own presence without having to express any words.

Shabbat shalom
Rabbi Berel Wein

HHDL speaks to students on „Death as a Part of Life“

Three Cautionary Thoughts on the OTP’s Rohingya Request

Friends of Syria: Action Needed at Brussels Conference

CSOs urge IFC to divest from for-profit school chain


#HRC37 statement by @CanadaUNGeneva is first state acknowledgment of ‚re-education‘ camps.

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