No American or European Company imposed Sanctions. Impose sanctions NOW!

Which companies are doing business with Burma’s genocidal military?

Rohingya Genocide 2 Years On

UK Rights Group Expands ‘Dirty List’ of Companies with Ties to Myanmar Army

#Bangladesh/ #Myanmar situation at #ICC:

‚Dirty List‘ of companies linked to Burma’s military

The long road to the Geneva Conventions of 1949


Sanction Burmese military companies:

3rd #Cambodia Fundamental Freedoms Monitor report.

UN fact-finding panel calls for sanctions, arms embargo against Myanmar army

#Syria govt documents show aid efforts worst human rights abuses

Security Council adopts #CAAC conclusions on the situation of children in #Myanmar.

There can be no lasting peace in #Syria without justice & accountability.

Countries who added their signature to the letter supporting China

Biometrics, the technology for measuring physiological characteristics such as the iris and fingerprints, has become the default method for registering refugee populations with UNHCR (2019)

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