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„This is an unprecedented internment campaign“

A few thoughts on Syria

No rights, no games. Beijing’s policies in Xinjiang violate basic IOC principles

„It’s a simple act of humanity“


A shameless betrayal that foreshadows the Chinese regime

University of Excellence! Again!

#China : Relentless Crackdown on #Taoist Temples Continues

Top Myanmar generals barred from entering US over Rohingya atrocities

Did Pakistan violate Vienna Convention on Consular Relations?

Finally, the impact of an ICJ decision can have consequences on treaties entered into by states. For instance, the U.S. withdrew from the Optional Protocol of the VCCR in 2009, in part as a result of cases at the ICJ. Furthermore, the decision of the court impacts consular relations between the two states, as well as for nationals of other third-party states. 

And last, but certainly not least, this case has implications in regard to an individual who has been sentenced to death, the gravest of penalties.  

Dirty list of companies continue to do business with the military in Myanmar

Chemical weapons in Syria – German and Belgian companies complicit?

LIVE | Tell the World: Exposing how China is creating the world’s largest prison.

Of Statelessness, Detention Camps and Deportations:

Cambodia: Three years and still no effective investigation into Dr. Kem Ley’s killing

UN: Unprecedented Joint Call for China to End Xinjiang Abuses

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