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Life Positive is a body- mind-spirit magazine promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of life and self with an emphasis on personal growth. It was started in April 1996 by Aditya Ahluwalia, chairman of the organisation, and Parveen Chopra, founder-editor, under the aegis of Magus Media Pvt Ltd. Produced by a team of professional journalists, some of who are also active seekers, Life Positive covers the beat of spiritual wisdom, techniques, gurus, personal growth therapies, alternative medicine, holistic healers and organisations with insight, accuracy, thoroughness and discrimination.

From its inception the magazine hit an instant chord with the reading public and has carved a base of enthusiastic and loyal readers who appreciate its support on the growth path. The magazine also provides validation, support and a sense of belonging to all those who seek a life of joy, harmony, peace and self-actualisation. In today’s sensationalistic and negative publishing culture, Life Positive stands out as a repository of sanity, optimism, and responsible journalism that promotes higher values. It can be credited with having pioneered the concept of spiritual journalism in India and for having created an altogether new niche in magazine publishing. It also influenced the publication of spirituality and health-based articles and sections in mainstream media most of which carry regular articles on the subjects today.

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Its orientation, as indicated by the name, is to consciously focus on the positive and ignore the negative. This is based on the spiritual law that what you place your attention on will thrive.

In June 2005, the group launched its second publication, Life Positive Hindi. Within its short span of existence, the magazine has earned a strong readership base. The group has published a number of books, including Parallel Journeys and Nine Days to Nirvana and organised prestigious music festivals. The magazine is edited today by Suma Varughese who has been with the magazine since its inception and is the former editor of Society magazine.

Life Positive is fortunate to have Mr D.R. Karthikeyan, former chief of the CBI, as President. It also has a panel of eminent names as advisors including . Mark Tully, Kiran Bedi, Devieka Bhojwani, M Madhvan Nambiar, K M S ‚Titoo‘ Ahluwalia, G Venkatesh Rao , and Parveen Chopra.

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  • Swami Sukhabodhananda, Founder Chairman of Prasanna Trust
  • Swami Tejomandamaya, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide
  • Ms. Jaya Row, Founder of Vedanta Vision

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  • Neuro Linguistic Programming by Dr. Somesh Chadda
  • Heal yourself by G. L. Sampoorna
  • Dynamic Meditation by Maa Sadhana
  • Self-Healing by Maa Gyaan Suveera
  • Relationships by Anil Bhatnagar
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