babaji ( sitting on extreme right), Shri Avaidya nath ji, Shri Chand nath ji

Mela 1985: babaji ( sitting on extreme right), Shri Avaidya nath ji, Shri Chand nath ji

 Kundalini Books: Siddha-Siddhantapaddhati of Goraksanatha

 Gorakshanath the Originar of Hatha-Yoga

The Sanskrit word nÄthá or नाथ, is the proper name of a siddha sampradaya (initiatory tradition) and the word itself literally means „lord, protector, refuge“. The related Sanskrit term Adi Natha means first or original Lord, and is therefore a synonym for Shiva, Mahadeva, or Maheshvara, and beyond these supramental concepts, the Supreme Absolute Reality as the basis supporting all aspects and manifestations of consciousness. The Nath tradition is a heterodox siddha tradition containing many sub-sects. It was founded by Matsyendranath and further developed by Gorakshanath. These two individuals are also revered in Tibetan Buddhism as Mahasiddhas (great adepts) and are credited with great powers and perfected spiritual attainment. Read More: > Here <

Dr. Joachim Reinelt: Zur Zeit des indischen Mittelalters wanderten in weiten Teilen Indiens und Tibets tantrische Mystiker umher, die Nathas, Nathayogis oder Nathasiddhas genannt wurden. Sie praktizierten und lehrten Hatha- und Kundaliniyoga und hatten großen Einfluss auf das religiöse Leben der Menschen.

In meiner Doktorarbeit habe ich die Lehren und Praktiken dieser Yogis untersucht. Als Textgrundlage dient hierbei ein Werk aus dem ca. 13. Jahrhundert, das Vivekadarpana, wörtlich ‚Spiegel der unterscheidenden Betrachtung‘. In diesem recht umfangreichen Werk (21 Kapitel) wurden die Lehren aus unterschiedlichen philosophischen Schulen, Konzepte und Praktiken diverser tantrischer und yogischer Traditionen, sowie viele mythologische Vorstellungen zusammengetragen.

Gorakshanatha Saivism: Gorakhnath or Gorakshanatha Saivism is also known as Siddha Siddhanta and Nath tradition. It was founded by Gorakshanatha (Gorakhnath) who lived about 10th century AD. He is believed to be 3rd, 4th or 5th in a line of 12 prominent teachers of this tradition, which has followers in both Buddhism and Hinduism.

He was said to be a disciple of Matsyendranatha who was from in Nepal. Followers of this sect believe that knowledge of this tradition was received by Matsyendranath directly from Siva himself. Gorakshanatha is credited with such works as Siddha Siddhanta Paddhathi and Viveka Martanda. He composed them in Hindi. He also created 12 monastic orders across Northern India in an effort to preserve the Adinatha tradition. Other important works of this tradition are Hathayoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Siva Samhita and Jnanamrita. Full Article:

History of the Nathas – The history of ancient Indian sadhu texts reveals a succession of several main groups. There were the Sadhs, Yatis, Siddhas, Nathas, Pashupatis, Sant-Mats, Dasnamis and Nagas. Apart from these, many small sadhu sects have existed and played their part in the great stream of Indian life. In early history, it would appear that some sects were interwoven with others, and some merged or developed into other sects. Some thus became extinct, and others are still with us.

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Yogendranath Yogi Event:  „CHATUHSASTHI YOGINI MANTRA -64 KALI YOGINIS“: “Sixty and four are the instruments of enjoyments that tempt the individual soul (jiva). Sixty and four are the divisions (kalas) within jiva; Sixty and four are the chambers of jiva’s chakras; Sixty and four; where Shiva-Shakti are.” In very ancient days, eight great Female Goddesses Shaktis emerged from the cosmic soul of the Principle Dieties and formed Kali Durga, the Universal Shakti Power, These were the grand Mothers (Ashta Matrikas) of all subsequent Yoginis. According to Kaula Tantra, the seight manifested each in turn into eight Divine Shaktis, thus resulting in the 64 Tantric Yoginis.

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Eight Great Mothers (Ashta Matrikas), Halebid, Karnataka – An examination of the ancient Tantric tradition reveals a particular sanctity assigned to the number eight. The eight mother faculties (tattvas) of the manifested universe, the eight directions with four cardinal and four intermediate points (digbandahs), the eight miraculous yogic powers (siddhis), eight „limbs“ of Yoga (astanga) eight forms of the Divine Mother (matrikas) and eight primary mystic symbols (mudras) are just a few examples. The square of eight, or sixty-four, occupies an even more profound position in the field of Tantra which, from the point of view of the practitioner, first and foremost identifies the sixty-four Tantric Yoginis.

The Matrikas are found in inscriptions uncovered from the Indus Valley Civilization of 5000 years ago.

“O Great Ones, if I am known, what need is there for pilgrimage, austerities and even sadhana itself? If I am revealed, of what use is puja, tantra, kriya, yoga and the revealed texts?

My mystery is grand and broad and expansive beyond the consciousness of humanity, yet I am ever accessible as the cosmic lover beyond the thinking mind and it is I who is the source of the Peace, Light, Love, and Power that are all the hallmarks of my essence. I am the polarities and the forces of creation, the Divine feminine in union with her Lord. Manifesting in both celestial and terrestrial planes, pretending to be limited as a human incarnation, I become intoxicated with all aspects of life, in order to know Shiva as my intimate lover, with whom I always seek oneness.

I take on human incarnation in order that all of his less conscious manifestations might discover their divinity though relationship with me. In doing so I provide an avenue for humanity to taste the nectar of immortality through my Kaula Tantra. Even given this, my true nature still remains secret. I live hidden in the bodies of human lovers, promoting the elevation of consciousness for those who seek it through me.”

2nd Yogendranath Yogi Event „MAHA YOGI GURU GORKHNAHT“: Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali, favourite of siddha yogi -guru gorkhnath . Gorakshya Balam, Guru-sishya Palam, Sesha Himalam, Sasikhanda bhalam Kalasya Kalam, Jeeta Janma Jalam, Bandey Jatalam, Jagadabjanalam

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Gorakh Nath is also Known as Gorakshya Nath. He is the Yoga power of Lord Shiva, who himself is the whole universe. There are many meanings for the name. First let’s separate the name into smaller parts Go + Rakshya = Gorakshya

The meaning of Go are Cow, Earth (or universe) or the Indriya (Through which person interacts with the outer world also moha or attachment). The meaning of Rakshya is to protect.

The combined meaning becomes as such The one who protects us from the un-escapable net of moha by protecting the indriyas. When all the individual are protected from misutilizing their bodies, which develops the mind so much that we become able to know all the things in the universe, then the universe is protected as a whole.

He is the teacher of Yoga. Yoga means the re-unification of the soul and the super soul (himself). We cannot write about him due to our inefficiency. One of the slokas is listed below which tells something about him.

Tum Sata-Chita-Aananda Sada Shive, Aagama Nigama Parey Yoga Pracharana Karana Yuga Yuga, Gorakh Rupa Dharey You are the super being, Sada Shiva. Farther than the knowledge of Aagama and Nigama. You come here in the form of Gorakh Nath for preaching Yoga (Knowledge for reunification), time to time. The full Bhajan is given in the Bhajan segment of the site.

You can view the big poster of Navanath at Mrigasthali Gorakshya Temple Likewise, there are 84 siddhas. Temples in Nepal and the World – Oom Guru Gorakshya, Mama Rakshya Rakshya Gorakhnath Temple is everywhere in Nepal and India. Gorakshay Nath is very important in the lives of the people so the temple is found in every footsteps. In any urban and rural part of the subcontinent contains Gorakshya temple.

Mrigasthali is another important place for all the Hindus ( .It is Known to be the most favourite place for the Lord Shiva to play. This place is listed in uncountable places in the texts of hinduism.

Shiva Gorakshya Meditated at this place for very long time. According to the story, Shiva Gorakshya Meditated here seated on the snakes representing the rain and there was no rainfall for 12 years. He was not happy with the people who was not interested in improving their life with yoga.

The people who were tensed due to no rain thought to bring his Guru Dada Matsyendra Nath and he will wake up and the rain will fall. When they brought Guru Matsyendra Nath from Kamrup Kamakshya then he wake up from meditation and they got the rain fall.


Goraksha Puja // Pandit’s Genocide being completed by indifference of both Center and State Governments.

Yoga – Sanatan Dharma ( > Hinduism <) has always believed that the world began from the god in the form of zero (sunya rup paramatma). But how did that zero became all these? The science cannot explain that thing, yet it has proved that the world is continuously expanding. If it is expanding continuously, then it should have been started from a point or zero. The science also believe this, with Big Bang Theory. But how did something came out of nowhere? The science can never explain this. This is explained by Yoga.

Einstein believed that there is always another antiparticle to some particle. When antiparticle and particle mix together, then there will be nothing. One will consume the other and the whole thing is zero. This thought came out of the sacred texts of Hinduism.

Something out of nothing can come with the power of yoga. The literal meaning of yoga is to mix something together or addition. With the power of yoga, Shiva created the whole universe out of nothing. let us see this in the following table:

0 = 5 – 5

= (5) + (-5)

= ( 3 + 2 ) + (8 – 3)

= (9 – 6 + 4 – 2) + ( 5 + 3 – 5 + 2 )

= ………… and so on (This is addition or Yoga)

Now the world has become a complex one. When the maha-pralaya occurs, the addition occurs and the world again becomes zero, and the new world is started with new mathematics.

Yoga is not the exercise. It is the power of creation. The Rishis of older times developed the science by which anyone can increase the power of yoga within oneself. All the things in Hinduism, world and the universe is within this.

We have to travel through 8.4 million species of plants and animals to become human. We will be promoted or degreded to the next higher level according to our karma. Karma is the form of yoga (Karma-yoga) which increases the yoga power. Shree Shiva Gorakshya is known to be the first sat-guru of yoga. He is Shiva, who came to earth for reason of preaching the knowledge of yoga. He tought 8.4 million postures, by which yoga could be practiced. Among them 84 postures are the most important for Human.

We are trying to publish the 84 yoga postures which could be useful for anyone.

The Gorakhbodh

Questions (Diverse Fragen):

Kashmir Shaivism: Kashmiri Arya „Pandits“ are the remainder of a indigenous religious ethnic group (kashmir shaivism philosophy) that originally inhabited the land proclaimed to be paradise by one of many neighbouring Kings . In the ancient times, the indigenous himalaya mountain Nag/“water spring“ tribe and Arya tribes settled and embraced eachothers rituals and values. The Middle ages, the various conquerors named the peoples of this valley as „Pandits“ because they choose the path of peace, enlightenment and knowledge. The Kashmiri Pandits, a „Community in Exile“ , not a caste in exile, retained their cultural identity from the persecution and forced conversion by the invaders of the land since 1300s. There are about 700,000 Kashmiri Pandits/Hindu living worldwide. About less than 5,000 still remain in the Valley of Kashmir. ,


Chatuhsasthi Yogini Mantra

64 Kali Yogini Namavali

Recitation of the following sacred mantras will bring about transformation of consciousness and a closer personal relationship with the aspects of Maha Kali. Each Mantra is preceeded by „Om“ and is concluded with „Svahaa“.

1. Kali Nitya Siddhamata

Mother of the Siddhas

2. Kapalini Nagalakshmi

Lakshmi of Naga

3. Kula Devi Svarnadeha

Of golden body

4. Kurukulla Rasanatha

Ruler of physical pleasure

5. Virodhini Vilasini

Residing within Self

6. Vipracitta Rakta Priya

Who loves passion

7. Ugra Rakta Bhoga Rupa

Enjoyer of passion in the form

8. Ugraprabha Sukranatha

Ruler of the seminal essence

9. Dipa Muktih Rakta Deha

Liberation through the body of passion

10. Nila Bhukti Rakta Sparsha

Who receives pleasure from the touch of passion

11. Ghana MahaJagadamba

Great Mother of the world

12. Balaka Kama Sevita

Attended by the God of Love

13. Matra Devi Atma Vidya

The Goddess with knowledge of Self

14. Mudra Poorna Rajatkripa

Who completely radiates compassion

15. Mita Tantra Kaula Diksha

Initiatress of the Tantric Kaula Path

16. Maha Kali Siddhesvari

Queen of the Siddhas

17. Kameshvari Sarvashakti

Shakti of All

18. Bhagamalini Tarini

Who delivers from calamity

19. Nityaklinna Tantraprita

Fond of Tantra

20. Bherunda Tatva Uttama

Essence of Sexual Fluid

21. Vahnivasini Sasini

Radiance of the moon

22. Mahavajreshvari Rakta Devi

Senuous Goddess

23. Shivaduti Adi Shakti

Origional Feminie Energy

24. Tvarita Urdvaretada

Giver of the Upward Ecstasy

25. Kulasundari Kamini

Desire Itself

26. Nitya Jnana Svarupini

The Great form of Wisdom

27. Nilapataka Siddhida

Giver of perfection

28. Vijaya Devi Vasuda

Goddess who is Giver of wealth

29. Sarvamangala Tantrada

Who Bestows Tantra

30. Jvalamalini Nagini

Snake Goddess

31. Chitra Devi Rakta Puja

Goddess who is worshipped with passion

32. Lalita Kanya Sukrada

Pure Maiden

33. Dakini Madasalini

Shining with rapture

34. Rakini Papa Rasini

Destroyer of sin

35. Lakini Sarvatantresi

Ruler of all tantras

36. Kakini Naganartaki

Who dances with Nagaraj

37. Sakini Mitrarupini


38. Hakini Manoharini

Mind Stealer

39. Tara Yoga Rakta Poorna

Who in union bestows complete passion

40. Shodashi Latika Devi

Creeper Goddess

41. Bhuvaneshwari Mantrini

Energy of all mantras

42. Chinamasta Yoni Vega

With dripping yoni

43. Bhairavi Satya Sukrini

Supreme Purity

44. Dhumavati Kundalini

Primordial energy of self

45. Bagla Muki Guru Moorthi

Form of the guru

46. Matangi Kanta Yuvati

Youthful beauty enhanced by Love

47. Kamala Sukla Samsthita

Residing in the Semen

48. Prakriti Brahmandri Devi

Goddess residing in the crown

49. Gayatri Nitya Chitrini

Eternal core of the energy of Self

50. Mohini Matta Yogini


51. Saraswathi Svarga Devi

Goddess of Heaven

52. Annapoorni Shiva Samgi

With Shiva

53. Narasimhi Vamadevi

Beloved Goddess

54. Ganga Yoni Svarupini

Energy of the Yoni

55. Aprajita Samaptida

Who Bestows Orgasm

56. Camunda Parianganatha

Ruler of sacred erection

57. Varahi Satya Ekakini

Oneness of Truth

58. Kaumari Kriya Shaktini

Energy of dedicated action

59. Indrani Mukti Niyantri

Guide to bliss

60. Brahmani Ananda Moorthi

Image of bliss

61. Vaishnavi Satya Rupini

Form of truth

62. Mahesvari Para Shakti

Transcendental energy

63. Lakshmi Monoramayoni

With beautiful yoni

64. Durga Satchitananda

Truth consciousness and bliss

Whenever Yogis or Nath-Yogis meet, they greet each other with the salutation „Adesh-Adesh!“ Gorakshanath the Maha Yogi wrote:

Aatmetu paramaatmeti jiivatmeti vicaarane

Trayaanaam aikya-samshutir asdes’s iti kiirtitah

In our relative thought we distinguish between Atman, Paramatman, and Jiva.

The Truth is that these three are one and a realization of it is called Adesha.

Thus the yogi in his contact with others expressed only the simple truth in the words, „Adesh-Adesh!“ It is a foundation stone on which all spiritual light and attainment must be erected. It is the first truth to attain the First Lord.