It would be a historic step if permanent members of Security Council would #RestrainTheVeto – full statement:  #Syria

New report by @hrw documents indiscriminate attacks by armed opposition groups in #Syria in gov’t-held territory 

Devastated health system in #Syria has led life expectancy to drop by two decades, says @DOTW_UK  #defenddoctors

 PHR @P4HR   

Join us in an hour for our Candlelit Vigil for Syria’s Silenced Voices #syriavigil #freesyvoices …

This is #Binnish #Syria right now, after another chlorine attack. #WhatDoesItTake to enforce #UNSC Resolution 2209?

Race to bottom in #Syria with rebel groups mimicking govt forces‘ war crimes killing civilians 

All #Syria conflict parties violate #IHL, #UNSC Res & indiscriminately attack&kill civilians. #ICC referral overdue 

New @HRW report: “He Didn’t Have to Die” Indiscriminate Attacks by Opposition Groups in #Syria …

Doctors urge UN to probe chemical attack in #Sarmin, #Syria  We join @P4HR in this call.

US federal judge rules that US gov’t must release photographs showing detainee abuse in Iraq & Afghanistan 

Life after #Gitmo, ex-detainees find little solace following transfer to Uruguay 

Al Jazeera Arabic last night on holding Assad accoutnable for war crimes …شهادات-مروعة-على-تعذيب-معارضي-النظام-بسوريا

Re-upping: There Are Lots of Reasons to Oppose Ted Cruz for President. His Birthplace Isn’t One of Them. …

MT @CFR_IIGG: Decision by European powers to join #AIIB is major blow to US-led world order, says @StewartMPatrick:

The human right to water and investor-state arbitration is investigated by Tamar Meshel of @UofT.  #WorldWaterDay

Human rights as customary international law and jus cogens – my new paper online … #humanrights #internationallaw

HRW urges European leaders to raise concerns over Kyrgyzstan 

New Mexico passes bill ending civil asset forfeiture 

HRW: Egypt should reject amendments threatening fair trials 

UN rights experts urge Pakistan to halt postponed execution of juvenile offender

#Kyrgyzstan President shld be pressed to resist anti-gay & anti-NGO bills when he tours #Europe capitals this week

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