In the uncensored version of the documentary, a human trafficker is filmed explaining that passports of potential child brides are forged in Bangladesh and that “the trafficker will [then] pay money to clear [Malaysian] immigration.” In another scene that was subsequently censored, the Rohingya-refugee husband of a trafficked child-bride explains that Malaysian police routinely extort money from him during his daily commute to work, saying, “I pay the police 10 to 20 Ringgit all the time.”

The authorities also cut a scene from “Bou” showing Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak walking with other Government Ministers. The authorities verbally explained to Ms. Ramakrishnan that Prime Minister Najib had nothing to do with the subject of the film. Officials also verbally informed Ms. Ramakrishnan to cut an additional scene showing Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god.