It was an unlikely combination of diplomacy and circumstance that allowed this to happen. The adoption of the partition plan for Palestine in 1947 was practically the only major issue upon which both the United States and much of the Western world combined with the Soviet Union and its satellite nations. The Arab world denounced that resolution and attempted a number of times to reverse its adoption by war and violence.
The story of how the resolution was adopted and how many countries were swayed to vote for it has been told in many books, but no matter how many times this story is told it remains wondrous and even miraculous.
We didn’t plan a fancy party but we are proud to look back at our accomplishments and look ahead to continuing to provide the Jewish world with the keen insights and extensive knowledge of Jewish history from Rabbi Berel Wein.
But, the job has gotten harder. The assimilation of Jews and the corresponding loss of their Jewish identity is happening at a frightening rate.  According to Pew Research figures, over 70% refer to themselves as Jewish only by culture or ancestry and less than 10% view themselves as Jews by religion. The intermarriage rate is over 70% and most alarming, 32% of Jews in the millennial generation(born after 1980 ) say they have ’no religion.‘ At the current rate, it is foreseeable that organized American Jewish life may collapse within a generation.