The Torah records for us that Aaron remained silent. Jewish tradition holds that this type of reaction to tragedy is a correct and worthy one.

The priest who was involved in the diagnosis and healing process for this plague is not seen or described as a medical expert.

The state of Israel is currently celebrating the 70th anniversary of its founding.
By seeing the whole picture, even the disturbing details that we had to endure become only milestones in the great progress of the history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

A few months ago, I was able to purchase an excellent device that is manufactured in Holland that enables me to read and study with comparative ease even though I cannot see or read the text with my naked eye.
This machine is essentially a closed circuit, TV camera that possesses within it great powers of magnification. By placing it over the book or item that I wish to read it gives me the ability to magnify that text to an almost unlimited extent, making it readable and accessible. Since it is operated through electrical energy it is of no use to me on Shabbat and holidays but overall it has been a great boon to my eyesight and to my spirits.

The greatest comfort one can bring to another human being many times is merely one’s own presence without having to express any words.

Shabbat shalom
Rabbi Berel Wein