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KHORYUG is a network of Buddhist monasteries and centers in the Himalayas working together on environmental protection of the Himalayan region with the aim of practically applying the values of compassion and interdependence towards the Earth and all living beings that dwell here. As Buddhist practitioners, we believe that our actions must flow from our aspiration to benefit all sentient beings and safeguard our mother Earth and that this positive change in our societies must begin with ourselves first.

KHORYUG aims to develop a partnership with community based organizations and NGOs wherever there is a member monastery or center so that together with our communities, we can help and protect all life on Earth now and for the future. Subscribe to get updates on the progress of KHORYUG, and to learn more about how you can help.

KHORYUG IN ACTION! – On the afternoon of Christmas Day, over 150 members of Khoryug met at the front of the gates of Tergar Monastery to clean up the surrounding area, including the roads, ditches, wetlands and lake nearby. Participating in the clean up were monks and nuns of all the Khoryug monasteries as well as visitors from far away who are in Bodh Gaya for the 27th Kagyu Monlam.

The activity was used as an opportunity by Khoryug coordinators to explain the important of minimizing one’s own footprint due to the immense long term impact of non-organic waste such as plastics.

SOLAR PROJECT – This is to bring to your kind notice that Environment Conservation Committee, Rumtek Monastery is going to convey Tashi Delek to all the Dharma Centre and all the Monasteries on the auspicious occasions of Tibetan New Year (Losar) which is on coming 14th. Here, our Environment Committee has already started the home made solar water heating system project to save the energy and reduce the utilization of electricity power and other energies. It has been completed two solar water heating system out of five. Under guidance of one Dharma friend, helping from Sangha Jinpa Gyatso and Environment staff Mr Yeshi, helper Laxman. Our people are expertise in making the solar water heating system by themselves. Currently, our Sanghas are using the hot water for bathing and washing. And also it wills soon utilizing in our main kitchen for cooking, making tea and washing dishes or utensils.